Vision Statement

With everything we stand for, we look to confront a lost art, ponder the unpopular to surpass. Our pursuit in steering your career path is progressive, insightful, authentic, and provided with clarity. We harvest relationships for growth and happen to make good music. Are you ready to be led to lead?


Russell Lopez - Founder

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Our focus is to help direct and amplify the passions of others for long-term growth based on my knowledge, relationships, and experiences so they can share and carry it forward to inspire others. 

With 15+ years of experience in the music business, early on I believed that if I just made that one hit song or met that key music contact from one my favorite music labels, the floodgates would open to me working with all the big artists in the music industry. I had brief success initially but quickly realized there were no short-cuts to long-term success in the music industry. From being mentored musically by a Grammy award-winning producer to developing and managing my own artist, the taste of connecting and seeing others succeed was just as sweet as my passion for making music.

While I realized relationships were important to have, I didn't quite understand what I needed to do to attain, keep, and grow them until I entered the healthcare business industry. Along with growing and leveraging relationships, self-development, understanding what allows a strong business model to work, and plan execution were all integral parts in allowing me to flourish, professionally.

In the past 10 years in healthcare business industry, I've learned that purpose, strategy, discipline, clarity and delivering quantifiable results were critical components in attaining the success I've had with implementation training, branding, learning and development. Also, understanding organizational structure and how a company works holistically opened my eyes to seeing where gaps truly lied with basic foundational knowledge to certain areas within the music industry, especially in the early stages in the career of a music artist. Equipping music artists and aspiring entrepreneurs in search of direction with the right knowledge and strategy coupled with consistency were areas I knew I could thrive in.

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After many years of experience in both worlds, our formula looks a little more like this; test, try, fail, measure, evolve, persist... rinse and repeat. Have clarity and charisma seasoned with accountability when delivering substantial life in what you do and believe in. Infuse Creative Group is here to help channel your creativity and ideas to help others connect with your passion.