Infuse Music Group

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Project Management and Implementation Solutions

  • Assess and consult music artists on steps and solutions for their career by helping them establish credibility and leverage
  • Formalize solutions that are based on the state of artist career and where they want to go
  • Manage and track all activities, tasks, costs, etc., related to services agreed upon
  • Implement project solutions, direction and strategies to equip artists with tools to lead their own career and build the right team
  • Build relationship, accountability and communication skills through transparency in each music project/campaign

Video Production

  • Professional music video production for video streaming platforms
  • Visually telling your story
  • Behind the scenes visuals
  • Quality lyric videos

Single/EP/Album Campaign

  • Develop immediate and long-term strategies based on artist vision
  • Single/EP/Album campaign project management
  • Digital and physical promo and marketing consulting
  • Expense/cost forecasting
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Music Production

  • Bridging musical gaps with songwriting, vocal and music production
  • Refine song structure
  • High-quality mix and mastered music production (Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Latin, Rock, Country, EDM, Rap/Trap, World) for all online/offline media platforms (Radio, Social Media, Streaming Services, etc.)
  • Live instrumentation recordings
  • Music feedback from industry professionals

Brand Development

  • Define artist purpose and image
  • Brand identity
  • Centralize online presence
  • Establish credibility, flexibility, and content control
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Effective communication/public speaking skills
  • Social media consulting and proper etiquette

Talent Development

  • Identify fan base, promotion, and growth opportunities
  • Building music relationships
  • Informing and connecting with media training professionals
  • Enhance leadership qualities for career control and leverage
  • Music performance training and consulting